Saturday, February 5, 2011

Performance in Art

  Tom Thayer, Paper Puppet and Scenery from The New World Pig, 2009-2010, paper, tape collage, graphite, 12 × 17.75 inches. Image courtesy of Derek Eller Gallery

I write about Adam Marnie, Tom Thayer, and Ruby Sky Stiler at Derek Eller Gallery and Tom Thayer's performance, "Scenographic Play," at Tracy Williams, Ltd. in the January 2011 Issue of The Brooklyn Rail.

 "The beating heart of the three-person exhibit at Derek Eller is Adam Marnie’s larger-than-life, floral bouquet collaged and carved directly into the entrance foyer’s sheetrock. Color Xerox enlargements cut, torn, and glued; flower shapes, negative space, and shadow edges traced and carved out of the wall; and drips of adhesive all form elements of the rhythmic composition. They also underscore the undeniability of the artist’s actions as they are tied to his thought process. It is the only piece in the gallery that pumps its own life-blood into the space; his red gerbera daisies hypnotically pulse in a perpetually blooming elliptical zoetrope..."

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