Monday, February 27, 2012


BRUCENNIAL 2012: Harderer. Betterer. Fasterer. Strongerer. 
Opens February 29th, 6-9pm, at 159 Bleecker Street (btwn Thompson and Sullivan)

Anne Sherwood Pundyk, "Portrait of Rita Ackermann," 2012, Oil on Panel, 10" x 8"

BRUCENNIAL 2012 Opening on James Kalm's Rough Cuts Video Channel: Painter Loren Munk's video tour of the opening of BRUCENNIAL 2012 including conversation with Anne Sherwood Pundyk about her work.. 

Josh Smith Floor Painting

Osamu Kobayashi's Blue and White Painting

"Rapunzel in the Library" at BRUCENNIAL 2012

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